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Does poetry still matter?

By Brandon Griggs CNN (CNN) — Quick: Name a famous living poet. Somebody. Anybody. No, not Maya Angelou. She died last year. Unless you’re a literary scholar or a subscriber to The New Yorker, it’s not easy. That’s because poetry, once a preeminent form of entertainment, has long since receded to the far, dusty corners... See More.

Canadian wildfire smoke tinting moon and sun in St. Louis

Notice that haze? Well, that’s smoke and it’s getting thicker over the central United States.  The smoke is coming from wildfires in Alaska  and the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan and being carried southward on upper level winds. Many noticed the red appearance of the moon overnight and the sun Tuesday morning. The particles of smoke in the... See More.

NASA explains why June 30 will get an extra ‘leap second’

The day will officially be a bit longer than usual on Tuesday, 30 June 2015, because an extra second, or “leap” second, will be added. “Earth’s rotation is gradually slowing down a bit, so leap seconds are a way to account for that,” said Daniel MacMillan of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.... See More.

HEC-TV’s one-on-one conversation with Opera Theatre’s “Richard the Lionheart” cast and crew

If you only know him from Robin Hood, you don’t know the whole story of Richard the Lionheart. Shipwrecked on the way to the Third Crusade, one of England’s bravest kings must disguise himself to protect his future bride and prevent war in a foreign land. But whom can he trust in this all-too-real Game of... See More.

Let’s talk about…Prairies, Conservation and Energy with Dr. Peter Raven and Rudi Roeslin

HEC-TV is proud to be the media sponsor of the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center’s Conversations Series. The latest conversation featured prestigious conservation and energy advocates discussing the role of prairies in conservation of natural ecosystems and their importance for production of next-generation biofuels. Featured panelists were Peter Raven, Ph.D., President Emeritus of the Missouri... See More.

The unbelievable story behind Max Starkloff

HEC-TV’s Sharon Stevens and the Bruno David Gallery are pleased to introduce you to a retrospective exhibition of paintings by Max Starkloff. In conjunction with the exhibition Max Starkloff: A Retrospective; Bruno David Gallery Publications will publish a catalog on the artist’s work with an exhibition history and bibliography and texts by Robert Duffy and Charles E. Claggett. In 1959,... See More.

Maryville Talks Books with Judy Blume, author of “In the Unlikely Event”

In her highly anticipated new novel, Judy Blume, the New York Times # 1 best-selling author of Summer Sisters and of young adult classics such as, Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret, creates a richly textured and moving story of three generations of families, friends and strangers, whose lives are profoundly changed by unexpected... See More.


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