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  • Who’s Going to Foot the Ever-Growing Bill Called Climate Change?

    Posted on:
      Climate change: everyone has heard of it, not everyone is willing to accept it. Climate change seems like an undefeatable opponent, it’s caused by activities we don’t want to stop and it keeps getting worse. The more we hear about how bad things are getting, the more it sounds like a difficult and expensive battle, and a battle without any instant gratification, at that. However, the most recent report...
  • The Cardinal Way

    Posted on:
      DISCLAIMER: I am severely biased when it comes to the below enumerated statements. I take full responsibility in the subjectivity of my words. So, what I’m saying is: if you are not a fan of the St. Louis Cardinals and you completely disagree with the following declarations, sorry ‘bout ‘ya. Today...
  • What’s So Special About St. Louis? Everything.

    Posted on:
    [gallery ids="14550,14547,14548,14549,14551,14552,14553,14554,14555"]   You know what really irritates me? The reports about St. Louis being the most dangerous city, the saddest city and a place where France even advises its citizens to stay away from (common’ France, surrender…it shouldn’t be hard for you). Although I am a recent St. Louis transplant, I have quickly fallen in love with the city and will just as quickly defend it. I feel completely comfortable in saying St. Louis is one of America’s best kept secrets, and this best kept secret is boasting with culture, entertainment, the friendliest people and the best 
  • 15 Things to Start Doing for Yourself

    Posted on:
      Even if you think it’s too late, it’s not. After some soul searching and introspection, I’ve decided to make these 15 goals my priority in life, and I hope you do too. Start spending time with the right people. These people come few and far between, but once they are in your life, they will stay there forever. These are the people you...
  • 2014 Theater Circle Awards: A Success!

    Posted on:
      A sea of green engulfed the lobby of the Center of Creative Art’s (COCA) Emerson Theater last night for the 2nd Annual St. Louis Theater Circle Awards. St. Patrick’s Day was put on the backburner as more than 300 actors, actresses, friends and family celebrated local theater and the people in it. The Higher Education Channel was honored to be apart of the...
  • The changing of the seasons

    Posted on:
    [gallery ids="14350,14349,14347,14346,14348"]     There’s a shift in your brain when the seasons start to change. The air seems lighter, the sun seems brighter and with every icicle that melts, a feeling of hope emerges – hope for a brand new beginning or a continuation of positive circumstances. I shed my winter coat and with it, the sleep of winter, and went to watch the changing of the seasons. Spring teased me with warm sunbeams on my face and goose bumps on my arms as I climbed the hidden wooden ridges of Saint Louis. For once I did not yearn for a fresh cup of steaming coffee or other materialistic necessities that I have come so accustomed to. I only...
  • The perks of being productive

    Posted on:
    I can’t lie. This morning was frustrating. My morning routine was just that…a routine. I woke up on time (early, actually). Had my coffee, brushed my teeth and was out the door. So, why was I 15 minutes late to work? I can’t be late! I’m the new girl! When I noticed I was going to be late, there was nothing I could do. I panicked. My palms started sweating, my heart started racing and I started shooting...
  • I slam; therefore, I am

    Posted on:
    Slam poetry was one of the most vital and energetic movements in poetry in the 90s, and since then, has revitalized the interest in performance poetry as an art. While many poets in the academia world stick their noses up at the art, young poets, especially poets of diverse backgrounds, praise slam poetry since it is highly politicized, drawing upon racial, economic and...

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