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HEC-TV creates curriculum for new productions, in order to more fully connect the station with K-12 students and schools. But, what is curriculum and how is it developed? Most of us think of curriculum as a set of courses offered by an institution such as a school or university. However, for us it is the collective teaching, learning and assessment materials that are available for a particular course.

Educators know that quality curricula must relate to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), which are a set of high – quality academic expectations in English language arts (ELA) and mathematics. The CCSS define both the knowledge and skills all students should master by the end of each grade level to be on track for success in college and a career. They were created through a state – led initiative with the goal of establishing a single set of clear educational standards for English language arts and mathematics to be shared among states. HEC-TV has begun to add CCSS information to existing lessons on our site and references those on new additions.

Led by scripts and background information provided by HEC-TV producers on programs in development, we build a framework to wrap curriculum around for each show. For example, we were able to create cross-curricular materials that not only covered Black History but also discussed the differences between primary and secondary sources, for our episode of “You Are Here: The Underground Railroad.”

Each curriculum starts with an overview of the lesson, time allotment, and most importantly, the learning objectives. We list the CCSS which are being addressed. The learning objectives tell teachers what tasks the students will be able to perform after completing each unit of study. We also include the lesson plan to be taught.

Needs for each student and class are different, so after the body of the lesson is accomplished, we offer teachers several different types of learning activities, all which reinforce and assess the lesson. Teachers may pick and chose the activities that best support the many different learning styles of their pupils. Students may be tasked to role play a skit about conflict resolution, calculate the ratio of rain runoff to surface area or to create a multimedia presentation. And, since we’re teachers, each lesson plan is equipped with a bibliography of the sources used to create the curriculum.


  • 16th and 17th Century Turning Points in US History
  • 18th Century Turning Points in US History
  • 19th Century Turning Points in US History
  • 20th Century Turning Points in US History
  • A Conversation With
  • A History of American Indian Achievement
  • A History of Black Achievement in America
  • A History of Hispanic Achievement in America
  • A History of the U.S. Constitution
  • A History of Women's Achievement in America
  • A Sewer Runs Through It
  • ADHD Information
  • America's National Monuments
  • Ancient History
  • Building Blocks of Jazz
  • Collective Improvisation
  • Detox Your Domicile
  • Endangered Tales
  • Full Circle: St. Louis Recycles
  • Health Literacy: Missouri's Prescription for Better Health
  • HEC-TV Live
  • Abraham Lincoln and the Passage of the Thirteenth Amendment
  • Celebrating America’s Veterans, November 2013
  • Constitution Day 2013: The Ongoing Impact of Gideon v. Wainwright
  • Constitution Day 2014: The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and its Current Implications
  • Explore Living Green
  • Explore! Flying
  • Explore! From Farm to Home
  • Explore! Life as a Dog
  • Explore! Life Of An Explorer
  • Explore! The City Underground, April 2014
  • Explore! The Human Body: Eyes and Ears
  • HEC-TV Live! Information and Calendar
  • History in the First Person: Veteran’s Day 2014
  • History in the First Person: Living Under Jim Crow Laws
  • History in the First Person: Stories of the Civil Rights Movement Sister Mary Antona Ebo 1 pm
  • History in the First Person: Stories of the Civil Rights Movement Sister Mary Antona Ebo 10 am
  • History in the First Person: The Cuban Missile Crisis 1 pm
  • History in the First Person: The Cuban Missile Crisis 10 am
  • History in the First Person: The Korean War 1 pm
  • History in the First Person: The Korean War 10 am
  • History in the First Person: Veteran's Day 1 PM
  • History in the First Person: Veteran's Day 10 am
  • Inside the Artist's Studio: An Author's Workshop with Ridley Pearson
  • Inside the Artist’s Studio: Ceramics
  • Inside the Artist’s Studio: Metalwork
  • Jackie and Me: Issues and Themes
  • Lessons From The Holocaust
  • Meet an Economist, 1 pm April 23, 2014
  • Meet an Economist, 10 am April 23, 2014
  • Program Materials for History in the First Person: Building the Mercury Capsule
  • Program Materials Page for The Very Last Green Thing
  • Rendezvous With A Comet, October 23, 2013
  • Social Media and Current Events: Impacts and Implications 
  • The Science Behind Bowling
  • The Science Behind Criminal Investigations 10 am Program Materials
  • The Science Behind Investigating a Crime 1 pm
  • The Science Behind the New Mississippi River Bridge
  • The Science Behind the New Mississippi River Bridge, Part 2
  • The Science Behind: Weather Forecasting
  • The Very Last Green Thing—A Young Person’s Opera
  • I Love Jazz
  • Josephine Baker
  • Liquid Light
  • Maryville Talks Books
  • Maryville Talks Books Daniel Brown Video Discussion Questions
  • Maryville Talks Books Mark Bowden Video Discussion Questions
  • Mission to Educate
  • Noteworthy: The John Donald Robb Story
  • Seeking Freedom
  • St. Louis: Immigration Destination, Then and Now
  • State of the Arts
  • The Civil War: St. Louis
  • The Next Frontier: Engineering the Golden Age of Green
  • Two Birds, One Stone-The CCC in Missouri
  • Wallace Herndon Smith: Artist Without Boundaries
  • You Are Here

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