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  • TODAY AT 7:00AM

    Dragon's Tongue: Families

    A Mandarin Chinese language course.

  • TODAY AT 7:30AM

    Dragon's Tongue: Day by Day

    A Mandarin Chinese language course.

  • TODAY AT 8:00AM

    Conversations From The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center: Let's Talk About Women in Science

    Women account for only 16 of the 539 Nobel Prizes that have been awarded in science-related fields. Is there a logical reason for this disparity? What are the complexities and societal factors at work? In 2009, three women were recognized by the Nobel committee for their scientific achievements. Are we finally moving toward a positive shift in the number of women in science? Meet three female scientists from the St. Louis area who are forging their own legacies in plant science. How did they do it, and how can more women be encouraged to contribute to this incredibly important field?

  • TODAY AT 9:00AM

    Liquid Light: Searching for Tom-Tennessee Williams in St. Louis

    Hear from filmmaker Angela Antkowiak on her documentary about Tennessee Williams time here in St. Louis and then watch the film in its entirety.

  • TODAY AT 10:00AM

    Out on a Limb

  • TODAY AT 11:00AM

    Atom: Clash of the Titans

  • TODAY AT 12:00PM

    Behind the Minds: Education Topics from The Soulard School, December 2014

  • TODAY AT 12:30PM

    Impact: Special people thinking less about themselves in order to help others

  • TODAY AT 1:00PM

    A History of Jewish American Achievement: Jewish Americans Spread Across the Country

    Celebrating the contributions of Jewish Americans throughout history.

  • TODAY AT 1:30PM

    A History of American Indian Achievement: American Indian Renaissance

    This series takes a new approach to presenting American Indian history from the first groups that crossed the Bering Sea, 14,000 years ago, to present day.

  • TODAY AT 2:00PM

    Something In The Water: A Saint Louis Rockumentary

  • TODAY AT 3:30PM

    Maryville Talks Books: Mambo in Chinatown: One on One with Jean Kwok

  • TODAY AT 4:00PM

    A Conversation With: Christine Brewer

    An in-depth look at the local woman who is called the "world's leading dramatic soprano."

  • TODAY AT 5:00PM

    Lost Treasure of the Ancient World: Stonehenge & The Ancient Britons

    This Series brings history and archeology to life through location footage and expert commentary and analysis.

  • TODAY AT 6:00PM

    Webster University Speaker Series: Leadership Lessons from the Corner Office

    The University School of Business and Technology showcase business leaders from throughout the community.

  • TODAY AT 7:00PM

    Theater Talk: 2015 Episodes

  • TODAY AT 7:30PM

    Two on the Aisle: Reviews of The Winslow Boy, Stick Fly, White to Gray, et al., Feb. 19, 2015

  • TODAY AT 8:00PM

    Frames: Until the Heart Stops & Confined

  • TODAY AT 9:00PM

    Josephine Baker: More Than A Banana Skirt

    Learn about the life, loves and civil rights causes that impacted Josephine Baker's life from surviving family members and others who have been touched by this multi-faceted entertainer.

  • TODAY AT 9:30PM

    Josephine Baker: Fashion Icon

    Enjoy a front row view as you travel through the decades of Baker's glamorous costume and wardrobe collection at a fashion show hosted by the Sheldon and Mary Strauss.

  • TODAY AT 10:00PM

    Ozarks News Journal: Ozarks News Journal

    Ozarks News Journal

  • TODAY AT 10:30PM

    Minnesingers: Minnesingers

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