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  • TODAY AT 7:00AM

    American Cinema: Episode 2

    Film history through the eyes of more than 150 Hollywood insiders.

  • TODAY AT 7:30AM

    American Cinema: Episode 13

    Film history through the eyes of more than 150 Hollywood insiders.

  • TODAY AT 8:00AM

    HEC-TV Live: Inside the Artist's Studio: The Very Last Green Thing, October 2013

  • TODAY AT 9:00AM

    HEC-TV Live: Farm to Home Color Palette

  • TODAY AT 9:30AM

    Living Green: Living Green

    A program on recycling and conservation for today's world.

  • TODAY AT 10:00AM

    Liquid Light: A Sewer Runs Through It

    Join narrator John Goodman for a look at the River Des Peres in south St. Louis. Revisit it's history and learn more about preserving it's future.

  • TODAY AT 11:30AM

    Liquid Light: Sustainability in St. Louis

    Sustainability is the ability to meet present needs without compromising the ability to meet future needs. This episode of Liquid Light looks into the efforts of Sustainability in St. Louis.

  • TODAY AT 1:00PM

    The Next Frontier: Engineering the Golden Age of Green

  • TODAY AT 2:00PM

    We've Got the Power: We've Got the Power

  • TODAY AT 3:00PM

    The Civil War: St. Louis: Hour-long 3

  • TODAY AT 4:00PM

    You Are Here: Ead's Bridge

    A variety of hosts delve into the abundant, rich history of our community by taking you on a personal tour of some of our area's most historic places.

  • TODAY AT 4:30PM

    You Are Here: Underground Railroad

    Host Alex Fees examines both the written and oral traditions surrounding the history of the Underground Railroad in St, Louis.

  • TODAY AT 5:00PM

    Lost Treasure of the Ancient World: Pompeii

    This Series brings history and archeology to life through location footage and expert commentary and analysis.

  • TODAY AT 6:00PM

    The Civil War: St. Louis: Hour-long 3

  • TODAY AT 7:00PM

    HEC-TV Preview: HEC-TV Preview

    Get an inside peek at upcoming segments from our most popular shows.

  • TODAY AT 7:30PM

    Forever Wild: Forever Wild

    Hosted by Robert Redford, this program celebrates America's commitment to wilderness preservation.

  • TODAY AT 8:30PM

    A Tribute to Mae Wheeler: A Tiribute to Mae Wheeler

    Presented by the Sheldon Concert Hall and the Bosman Twins, an all star line up of St. Louis musicians paid homage to "Lady Jazz" Mae Wheeler. Hosted by Don Wolff of I Love Jazz and Bonita Cornute, the event featured some of St. Louis' top performers.

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