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  • TODAY AT 7:00AM

    Fokus Deutsch: Lessons 1-3 with Review

    An introductory German language course.

  • TODAY AT 8:00AM

    America's National Monuments: Southern Spanish Colonies

    Of the three European countries vying for control of what would become the United States, Spain was the first to establish a colony more than 40 years before the English founded Jamestown. Three monuments tell the rich story of colonial Spain in the South.

  • TODAY AT 9:00AM

    Frames: Mr. Mayor

    Part of HEC-TV's exclusive local film series, this episode produced and narrated by A.J. Cervantes Jr., tells the story of his father, former St. Louis Mayor, A.J. Cervantes, through family memorabilia, campaign materials and interviews with the Cervantes family.

  • TODAY AT 11:00AM

    The Civil War: St. Louis: Hour-long 3

  • TODAY AT 12:00PM

    HEC-TV Presents: Honoring Our Nation's Veterans

    We spoke with veterans from five wars, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Persian Gulf, and Iraq, to learn what it meant to them to have served and how we can honor all veterans. Interspersed with footage and interviews from Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, we learn the history of this site and how they see veterans to their final rest.

  • TODAY AT 1:00PM

    Wallace Herndon Smith: Artist Without Boundaries

    A biographical profile celebrating the life and work of a prolific 20th Century American artist. The documentary chronicles Smith's younger years as an actor, playwright, composer and architect, as well as his life long study of painting. Discover the significant collection of watercolor and oil paintings he left behind.

  • TODAY AT 2:00PM

    It's A St. Louis Thing: New Media, Old Stories

  • TODAY AT 3:00PM

    A Sewer Runs Through It

    This is a documentary about sewers and rivers and all things related to water here in St. Louis.

  • TODAY AT 4:00PM

    State of the Arts: HEC-TV's State of the Arts at The Wildey Theatre, July 2014

  • TODAY AT 5:00PM

    The History Project: Dead Sea Scrolls

    Historical documentaries

  • TODAY AT 6:00PM

    Hidden Pictures

  • TODAY AT 7:00PM

    HEC-TV Preview: HEC-TV Preview

  • TODAY AT 7:30PM

    Earth: The Inside Story

  • TODAY AT 8:30PM

    A Conversation With: Christine Brewer

    An in-depth look at the local woman who is called the "world's leading dramatic soprano."

  • TODAY AT 9:30PM

    St. Louis: Immigration Destination, Then and Now

    Journey back, with this exclusive HEC-TV documentary, to the middle of the 19th Century when St. Louis became "The Gateway to the West." Learn why St. Louis was and continues to be a popular immigration destination.


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