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  • TODAY AT 7:00AM

    French in Action: Lesson 31

    A French language course.

  • TODAY AT 7:30AM

    French in Action: Lesson 32

    A French language course.

  • TODAY AT 8:00AM

    GED Connection: Episode 117

    An up-to-date series to help prepare for the GED exam.

  • TODAY AT 8:30AM

    GED Connection: Episode 118

    An up-to-date series to help prepare for the GED exam.

  • TODAY AT 9:00AM

    Liquid Light: Jim Crow to Barack Obama

  • TODAY AT 11:00AM

    Land of the Dragon: Chinese Kung Fu

    Sheds light on the lives, struggles, and cultures of China’s 56 ethnic groups, the people's relationships to the land, and the effects of modernization on Chinese individuals and society.

  • TODAY AT 11:30AM

    Theater Talk: Episode 504

  • TODAY AT 12:00PM

    Two on the Aisle: Reviews of Reality, Ring of Fire, Blithe Spirit, et al., Dec. 11, 2014

  • TODAY AT 12:30PM

    Maryville Talks Books: Orange is the New Black: One on One with Piper Kerman, November 2014

  • TODAY AT 1:00PM

    Veterans Voice

  • TODAY AT 1:30PM

    Warrior's Return

  • TODAY AT 2:00PM

    Veterans Day 11.11.11: Veterans Day 11.11.11

  • TODAY AT 4:00PM

    I Love Jazz: A Musical Tribute to Gaslight Square, November 2014

  • TODAY AT 5:00PM

    Ancient History: The Roman Republic

    Globe Trekker's Zay Harding hosts this new look at ancient civilizations including the Mayans, the Greeks, Romans, Incas, the Anasazi, and more.

  • TODAY AT 6:00PM

    Healthy Body, Healthy Mind: Stroke Intervention

    An informative health and wellness series, explores the personal side of health breakthroughs in treatment, prevention and research.

  • TODAY AT 6:30PM

    Healing Quest: Episode 903

    Hosted by Judy Brooks, Roy Walkenhorst and Olivia Newton-John, this series provides accessible, well-researched information on the new choices available to help achieve optimum well being for mind, body & spirit.

  • TODAY AT 7:00PM

    Behind the Minds: Education Topics from The Soulard School, December 2014

  • TODAY AT 7:30PM

    Impact: For Many, Making an Impact Means Just Doing What They Do Everyday, May 2014

  • TODAY AT 8:00PM

    Webster University Speaker Series: Using Knowledge to Create Change

    The University School of Business and Technology showcase business leaders from throughout the community.

  • TODAY AT 9:00PM

    Wild!: Emperors of Antarctica

    Nature and wildlife documentaries.

  • TODAY AT 10:00PM

    Wallace Herndon Smith: Artist Without Boundaries

    A biographical profile celebrating the life and work of a prolific 20th Century American artist. The documentary chronicles Smith's younger years as an actor, playwright, composer and architect, as well as his life long study of painting. Discover the significant collection of watercolor and oil paintings he left behind.

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