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  • TODAY AT 7:00AM

    Destinos: Lost

    Introductory Spanish language course presented in an entertaining storyline.

  • TODAY AT 7:30AM

    Destinos: The Farewell

    Introductory Spanish language course presented in an entertaining storyline.

  • TODAY AT 8:00AM

    Healing Quest: Episode 707

    Hosted by Judy Brooks, Roy Walkenhorst and Olivia Newton-John, this series provides accessible, well-researched information on the new choices available to help achieve optimum well being for mind, body & spirit.

  • TODAY AT 8:30AM

    Healthy Body, Healthy Mind: Relieving Lower Back Pain

    An informative health and wellness series, explores the personal side of health breakthroughs in treatment, prevention and research.

  • TODAY AT 9:00AM

    Leaders and Legends: E. Desmond Lee-One True Vision

    This episode delves into the life of local philanthropist and entrepreneur, E. Desmond Lee.

  • TODAY AT 9:30AM

    Something In The Water: A Saint Louis Rockumentary

  • TODAY AT 11:00AM

    Wild!: Emperors of Antarctica

    Nature and wildlife documentaries.

  • TODAY AT 12:00PM

    State of the Arts: October 2014

  • TODAY AT 1:00PM

    It's A St. Louis Thing: New Media, Old Stories

  • TODAY AT 2:00PM

    Liquid Light: William Clark-The Further Journey

    Explores the life of William Clark. Hear from the film’s director Jim Scott in an in-depth interview with Liquid Light host Eleanor Mullin.

  • TODAY AT 3:30PM

    Frames: Against All the Odds: A Documentary On The Rise and Precipitous Fall of East St. Louis, Illinois, September 2014

  • TODAY AT 5:00PM

    Land of the Dragon: Charms of the Yunnan

    Sheds light on the lives, struggles, and cultures of China’s 56 ethnic groups, the people's relationships to the land, and the effects of modernization on Chinese individuals and society.

  • TODAY AT 5:30PM

    Indique: Episode 202

    Embark on a journey to discover the untold stories of contemporary India.

  • TODAY AT 6:00PM

    The Pacific Ring Initiative: Local Solutions for National Problems

    The Pacific Ring Initiative is ground zero for an important study that may change the way regions approach, learn, plan and prepare for their future. Using an econometric model, data is collected on all sorts of things within a 14 mile diameter ring of Pacific, Missouri. This model projects probable outcomes based on the data, gauging options that, built on the resources and strengths found within this ring, have an increased possibility for success. Employing the model's indicators, this community can choose and modify what directions they wish to explore. The goal is sustainability with a sound economic base, addressing community needs from a local perspective. And these local solutions might be a starting point that will become the formula for other places around the country, and around the world.

  • TODAY AT 7:00PM

    Dana Brown: Life on Safari

    A look at the man behind St. Louis' Safari Coffee and its memorable TV commercials.

  • TODAY AT 8:30PM

    A Conversation With: Meet Lisa Melandri, The New Director of STL's Contemporary Art Museum, September 2013

  • TODAY AT 9:30PM

    Liquid Light: You Can't Arrest Freedom

    A look back at the civil rights movement in St. Louis.

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