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Howard Markel Maryville Talks Books HECTV

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Howard Markel Maryville Talks Books HECTV

They are considered fathers of modern medicine: Sigmund Freud for his advancements in psychoanalysis, and William Halsted for the many surgical breakthroughs he made in the operating room.  And yet, both men battled an addiction to cocaine.  Acclaimed medical historian and pediatrician Howard Markel reveals how scientific research lead these men down a path of "accidental" addiction to what many perceived as the "miracle drug" of the 1880s, cocaine.  Markel's chat on his New York Time's best-selling book, "An Anatomy of Addiction" not only discusses the extent of the doctors' addictions to cocaine, but how the public's perception of the drug changed from excited advocates of its perceived benefits to disdain for those who became addicted to it.


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DATE Wednesday March 30th 2013