Education Topics from “The Magic House Museum”, August 2009

This edition of Behind the Minds comes to you from the newly renovated Magic House in Kirkwood. We show you how the $15 million expansion includes an effort to excite children about civics lessons. You’ll also see an in-depth story on an innovative program in the Maplewood Richmond Heights School District that’s helping homeless students stay in school. Homelessness is growing at such a rapid rate, that many schools around the nation are now taking note of the program’s success. Speaking of success, Westminster Christian Academy has had a lot of it in a special competition. You’ll be impressed by the team’s skills and ten-year winning streak! Plus, find out why students in the Ladue school district are saying, “Yes We Can!” See why a Mehlville school district teacher’s goal is to make math count with her students. And, don’t miss how the Riverview Gardens school district is growing their test scores with an outdoor classroom and how some students are using a special online service to land a job!

There’s a lot more to education than blackboards and textbooks. Behind the Minds takes you behind the school doors to highlight educational initiatives within St. Louis city and county K-12 schools. Watch for teachers, staff, administrators, and students who will blow your mind with innovative ideas and programs.

Education Topics from “The Magic House Museum”, August 2009

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