Go Flyers! The Lindbergh High School varsity and junior varsity cheerleaders welcome co-host Gina Kurre and Jerry Bryan to the Lindbergh School District in this edition of Behind the Minds. We’re there to highlight an Extraordinary Educator, Dr. Debra Peppers, who is a member of the National Teachers Hall of Fame, but you might be surprised by her story of redemption.  You’ll also be impressed standout student, Katlyn Sansone.  See how Sansone used her talents to help others in our community. Plus, you’ll find out about an elementary school in St. Louis paying it’s students to come to class and behave.  Find out if the controversial idea is working.  We also look into the problem of teenage pregnancies in St. Louis schools.  Pregnancy was becoming such a “coveted” situation among teen girls, that one school started a program to change the trend.  Finally, see if you can guess our Mystery St. Louisan.  Here’s a hint: he doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty (especially with clay). 

There’s a lot more to education than blackboards and textbooks. Behind the Minds takes you behind the school doors to highlight educational initiatives within St. Louis city and county K-12 schools. Watch for teachers, staff, administrators, and students who will blow your mind with innovative ideas and programs.

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Looking For Ways to Keep Schools Safe

What is the best way to protect our schools? Is it arming teachers? Stepping up intruder drills? The search for answers is -the- topic in schools right now.

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St. Louis Zoo - Biome School STEM Learning

2nd graders at the Biome School go out of their Central West End classroom and spend a week holding classes at the St. Louis Zoo, focused on STEM learning.

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Rozzy Learning Company Seeks To Inspire STEM Careers

Rozzy Learning Company believes kids are never too young to learn about STEM careers in fun ways.

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The Distiller in Pink Boots

Former science teacher/grandma Benay Shannon is one of only six female distillers in the US. See how she and her distilled spirits stand out from the crowd.


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Free breakfast for all at one St. Louis area school

Every student at Beasley Elementary School in the Mehlville School District outside St. Louis are being given free breakfast. It's a meal many couldn't afford.

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Date: April 18, 2015 Time: 10:00am