Giving Kids a Homework Break

How much is too much? That’s the question being asked at Kirkwood High School, where two weekends have been selected in the second semester to give students a “homework break.”
Officials at the school say it’s all about the mental health of kids, pointing to the fact that, when you include extracurricular activities and homework, many students put in 60 or 70 hour weeks surrounding school.
Some parents have pushed back, saying such a move isn’t good for college prep and is making kids soft. One teacher said we’ve learned things since parents were in school.
“people used to smoke cigarettes and not wear their seatbelt. We’ve learned some things. I applaud Kirkwood for having information and not ignoring it,”

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Giving Kids a Homework Break

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Giving Kids a Homework Break

For two weekends this semester, students at Kirkwood High School will be given a homework break. Is this a boost for mental health, or going too easy on them?

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