JA Biztown

Junior Achievement has long been leading schools in educating young children about business and personal finanace. Biztown is an extension of that learning by giving St. Louis area students a chance to experience running a business, keeping track of their earnings and spending within a small community. They also get o see how a town works. This experiential learning helps them prepare to go into the real world.

There’s a lot more to education than blackboards and textbooks. Behind the Minds takes you behind the school doors to highlight educational initiatives within St. Louis city and county K-12 schools. Watch for teachers, staff, administrators, and students who will blow your mind with innovative ideas and programs.

JA Biztown

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JA Biztown

Junior Achievement is offering a unique experience for St. Louis area students. Biztown gives hands-on lessons in running a business and personal finance.

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Student Perspective: Jewish Cemetery Vandalism

Ladue Horton Watkins Senior Ian Mason covers the vandalism of a historic Jewish cemetery in University City.

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Color Coded Kids

Color Coded Kids is a programming enrichment program that serves minority kids from ages 8 to 12 in the St. Louis area.

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Music for the Mind

St. Louis Classical Guitar Society is working with students at several local schools to teach them guitar and promote mentoring and leadership skills


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Be Inspired

Prepare to be inspired by people and programs in St. Louis area schools featured in this edition of Behind the Minds from the Microsoft Store at the Galleria!

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