This edition of Behind the Minds is packed with ideas of things to do in St. Louis this summer. We join you from the St. Louis Zoo with stories on programs ranging from Magic Camp to Construction Camp.

There’s a lot more to education than blackboards and textbooks. Behind the Minds takes you behind the school doors to highlight educational initiatives within St. Louis city and county K-12 schools. Watch for teachers, staff, administrators, and students who will blow your mind with innovative ideas and programs.

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Temple Grandin Goes Public With Her Experience with Autism

Temple Grandin, one of the first individuals with Autism to publicly share insights from her personal experiences recently visited Warrenton High School.

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The Healing Power of Music

And, the 2017 A&E Art Educator of the Year is inspiring students in North County. Meet Harvey Lockhart and see the incredible program he's created.

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Makerspace Movement

St. Louis is central to a strong movement in education called Makerspace. We explain what it is, who the players are and how students are benefitting.

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APPlying Themselves

A class project with a real world application and deadline…see what these Pattonville High School students are building.


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Gateway2Change 3.0

A Student Summit on Race is examining several local organizations and businesses. Find out how they hope to help.

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Date: April 18, 2015 Time: 10:00am