Full Circle: St. Louis Recycles

Full Circle, St. Louis Recycles introduces viewers to the basics of recycling, and takes a look at some of the most innovative and resourceful recycling that is taking place in St Louis. For suggested curricular activities related to the program, click the Educational Material tab.

A local look at innovative recycling and sustainability in St. Louis.

Full Circle: St. Louis Recycles

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LensMasters diverts tons and tons of light bulbs and lighting fixtures from landfills, and in the process diverts harmful chemicals from our water sources.

St. Louis Help

St. Louis HELP provides anyone in need access to free home medical equipment through their recycle and reuse program.


Remains reuses and recycles used clothing and textiles, eliminating vast amounts of waste from landfills.


EPC recycles computers and other electronics safely and responsibly. Now with their new Foam Demulsifier, EPC recycles foam.

Operation Food Search

Operation Food Search is keeping good quality food from ending up in landfills; and with the help of technology, eliminating large amounts of paper waste.

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Date: April 18, 2015 Time: 10:00am