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Inside the Artist’s Studio: The Very Last Green Thing, October 2013

This live interactive program connects classrooms with experts from various fields through videoconferencing.


Journey to a classroom in the year 2413 where a group of students is raised and taught by an android. On a rare field trip “outside,” a shy and obedient child named Amy unexpectedly discovers the very last green thing on Earth. Soon she must confront the truth and make important choices as the secrets of the past are uncovered. HEC-TV Live! is thrilled to collaborate with Opera Theatre of St. Louis for this Special Event in our Inside the Artist’s Studio series. View this archive of a live performance of an opera written specifically for young people and performed by a cast of young people. To find a more detailed program description, program objectives, related national curriculum standards, pre-program learning activities, and post-program learning activities, click on the Program Materials link on the right side of this page.

Inside the Artist’s Studio: The Very Last Green Thing, October 2013

Find Program description, objectives, and Pre and Post Program activities here.

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