Irish History: Unearthed

Three years of extensive archeological fieldwork reveals evidence of a village settlement landward of the picturesque Rock of Lough Key. The excavation has the potential to rewrite the historical narrative of medieval Ireland. In July 2016, for the first time ever, this moated site will be unearthed by a team of student archeologists led by Professor Thomas J. Finan, Ph.D., Department of History, Saint Louis University. An award-winning film production crew from HEC-TV will document every step of this significant research into Gaelic medieval life.

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Irish History: Unearthed

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Discussions in Ethics, Money & Politics: Fundraisers and Political Operatives

Discussions in Ethics, Money & Politics. In this segment, operating ethically in today’s
 political finance climate as both fundraisers & political operatives.

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Politics, Ethics, and Money

Discussions in Ethics, Money & Politics. Operating ethically in today’s
 political finance climate as both elected representative and lobbyists.

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A Conversation with Reena Evers-Everette and David Dennis, Sr.

Be part of the conversation as Reena Evers-Everette and and David Dennis, Sr. share their experience regarding America’s Civil Rights Movement.

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Student Created: You Can Count on Me!

Students and faculty in the Jennings School District show their appreciation for one another in this inspiring and heartfelt video.


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Student Created: Resilience & Pride of Jennings Senior High School

There is more to a person than what meets the eye.

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