Third Degree Glass Factory Celebrates 15 Years

Third Degree Glass Factory is a studio, gallery and event space located on Delmar Boulevard in St. Louis. Founded in 2002, Third Degree offers space for independent artists to create and sell their work, classes for members of the general public and a cool building with lots of character for special events throughout the year. The artwork by Brenda Gilliam currently on display in their east gallery was commissioned for the 15th anniversary. During the celebration on October 20, “Typewriter Tim” performed and created his signature artwork combining old typewriters with molten glass.

Recent art and education events in St. Louis.

Third Degree Glass Factory Celebrates 15 Years

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Muny Memories at the Missouri History Museum

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New Exhibits at Bruno David Gallery in June 2018

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Edo Rosenblith: Let Me Help You Make A Mural at COCA

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