Panoramas of the City at Missouri History Museum

The newest exhibit at the Missouri History Museum features historical panoramas of St. Louis like you’ve never seen them before! Public Historian Adam Kloppe explains how these photos have been enlarged, some up to 10 feet tall, to reveal details that hadn’t been visible to the naked eye before now.

Panoramas of the City features a diverse array of images ranging from the women’s suffrage movement, to the 1927 tornado damage, to a no longer existent baseball field. And the exhibition even features panoramas of St. Louis submitted by people today.

The exhibit continues through August 12, 2018. And if you’d like to submit your panorama you can do so by emailing it to or by Twitter or Instagram with #MySTLPanorama.

Recent art and education events in St. Louis.

Panoramas of the City at Missouri History Museum

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Ancient Peruvian Textiles Demonstrate a World Filled With Opposition in Balance at SLAM

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Muny Memories at the Missouri History Museum

In celebration of a century of amazing theater in Forest Park, the Missouri History Museum presents Muny Memories: 100 Seasons Onstage.

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New Exhibits at Bruno David Gallery in June 2018

Bruno David Gallery presents two new solo exhibitions from a couple print makers with very different styles and techniques.

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Edo Rosenblith: Let Me Help You Make A Mural at COCA

COCA is giving visitors the opportunity to become the artist in their new exhibit Edo Rosenblith: Let Me Help You Make A Mural.


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Shakespeare Festival St. Louis Presents Romeo & Juliet

An up close, behind the scenes look at Shakespeare Festival St. Louis' production of Romeo & Juliet, showing for free in Forest Park through June 24, 2018.

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