St. Louis Artists’ Guild presents Reclaim

The St. Louis Artists’ Guild has a long history of presenting unique regional exhibits, and Reclaim is one of the most intriguing presentations in recent years. Juried by Galen Gondolfi, every piece utilizes recycled, renewed, or repurposed materials. In conjunction with Reclaim, two additional presentations with similar themes are being presented in the space by artists Adam Long and Blake and Hannah Sanders.
Reclaimed continues at the St. Louis Artists’ Guild through December 30th. For more info please visit

Recent art and education events in St. Louis.

St. Louis Artists’ Guild presents Reclaim

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Free Family Winter Celebration at the Saint Louis Art Museum

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Memory: Joy and Loss, an artist look at Alzheimer's Disease

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Central West End Window Walk

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Segregation By Design

SLPL presents Segregation By Design, a student research presentation that illustrates how different forms of segregation require different kinds of solutions.

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