The Art of Chess

Paul Schankman gives us a sights and sounds tour of three exhibits at the World Chess Hall Of Fame in St. Louis. Two of them feature artistic interpretations of chess pieces and boards; the third is a display of chess memorabilia from the Hall of Fame’s collection. Watch for a Hitchcock style cameo of Paul in the wine glass segment!

Recent art and education events in St. Louis.

The Art of Chess

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A Personal Glimpse into "Occupied Japan"

The International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum presents Nicholas Orzio's "Occupied Japan."

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Kemper Art Museum Takes a Trip to Paris and Asks Who is Rosalyn Drexler

The Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum presents "Spectacle and Leisure in Paris: Degas to Mucha" and "Rosalyn Drexler: Who Does She Think She Is?"

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Duane Reed Gallery boasts innovative, emerging artists

Duane Reed Gallery showcases the works of innovative emerging artists Ethan Meyer, Dana Oldfather, and Jacob Berkowitz.

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SLAM Tips its Hat to Degas' Love of Millinery

The St. Louis Art Museum highlights Edgar Degas's little known appreciation for the fashionable hat with "Degas, Impressionism, and the Paris Millinery Trade."


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International Children's Film Festival at the Saint Louis Zoo

The Saint Louis Zoo hosts the Big Eyes, Big Minds – International Children’s Film Festival, featuring animated shorts made for kids and sometimes even by kids.

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Date: April 18, 2015 Time: 10:00am