Vita Eruhimovitz: Un/Virtual at The Sheldon

The Sheldon Concert Hall & Galleries is currently featuring the works of Vita Eruhimovitz, a multimedia artist exploring the complicated relation between the physical and virtual world.

The pieces featured in Vita Eruhimovitz: Un/Virtual range from sculpture to projections and digital interfaces utilizing augmented reality.
The exhibit continues at The Sheldon through September 23, 2017. For more information please visit and

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Vita Eruhimovitz: Un/Virtual at The Sheldon

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We Are All Targets - Don't Shoot Exhibit at STLCC-FV

Contemporary Art Gallery at STLCC-FV hosts the works Margi Weir in her new exhibit “We Are All Targets – Don’t Shoot.”

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Celebrating Independent Art with St. Lou Fringe

The St. Lou Fringe Festival delivers one of a kind performances in a variety of genres over the course of two weekends.

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Interpretations on Alice in Wonderland at Art Saint Louis

Rabbit Hole at Art Saint Louis focuses on the ideas of fantasy, whimsy, imagination, and sense of wonder.

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St. Louis Communities Join Forces for Hope

Watch how Clean Sweep 2, sponsored by Better Family Life, demonstrates care and compassion to the residence of the city's most challenged neighborhoods.


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The Foundry Brings Together the Written Word and Visual Art With Context II

The Foundry Art Centre merges literature and visual arts for the second year with Context II.

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