World War I at Missouri History Museum

Missouri History Museum’s new exhibit, World War I: Missouri and the Great War, explores the vital roles the men and women of St. Louis played in the First World War from the frontlines to the home front.
Using larger than life reproductions of authentic wartime posters and digital kiosks with access to articles, artifacts, and collections provided by Over There: Missouri & the Great War, this exhibit’s a superb example of how Missouri History Museum continues to find engaging ways to inspire interest in the region’s rich history.
This exhibit continues through January 15, 2018. For more info visit
And for instant access to Over There: Missouri & the Great War’s digitized collections visit

Recent art and education events in St. Louis.

World War I at Missouri History Museum

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Art Saint Louis Gets Symbolic

In their first exhibit of the new year, Art Saint Louis presents a multi-media exhibition featuring works by artists from the Saint Louis region.

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All Colors at the St. Louis Artists' Guild

The Portfolio Gallery presents “All Colors” at the St. Louis Artists’ Guild. This exhibit is designed to attract artists and collectors to the St. Louis area.

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SLAM Gives Saint Louis Mummies a New Home

The Saint Louis Art Museum will open its newly renovated Egyptian Art Gallery to the public on Friday, December 15, 2017.

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Anheuser-Busch Brewery Lights

The Brewery Lights display at Anheuser-Busch Brewery is a free event for families and friends to come together and celebrate the holidays in St. Louis.


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Free Family Winter Celebration at the Saint Louis Art Museum

The Saint Louis Art Museum combines winter holiday traditions from around the world with a free weekend event.

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