A Tour of the American Songbook, with Jane Monheit, April 2011

This program features the talented Jane Monheit and her quartet – with numbers from the Great American songbook and Latin Jazz. In our education segment, Building Blocks of Jazz, we listen as Phil Dunlap defines and discusses harmony and how it adds flavor to rhythm & melody. From Don Wolff’s archives, our Jazz Gem features a rare performance with Ruby Braff and Ralph Sutton. Jazz Violinist Regina Carter visits St. Louis Children’s Hospital to lift spirits with music. You’ll meet our “Rising Stars of Jazz” from Webster Groves HS – Joseph Weinstein-Hibbs & Sam Freund. And JazzReach comes to town to give young students a lesson in live jazz performance, history, and culture.

This magazine style program based on Don Wolff’s popular jazz radio show, I Love Jazz, showcases his depth of musical knowledge and appreciation of the historical jazz tradition. As a local renowned jazz authority, Don’s insightful interviews reveal his dedication to music education and his personal love of jazz.

A Tour of the American Songbook, with Jane Monheit, April 2011

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I Love Jazz featuring the Washington University-St.Louis Jazz Ensemble, April 2016

We honor our late host, Don Wolff with a show on the Jazz program at Washington University - St. Louis - and a story on a new statue honoring Miles Davis.

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Miles is Home

Legendary trumpeter and jazz great Miles Davis has come home. The iconic figure has been immortalized with a life sized statue in his birthplace of Alton IL.

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Drummer Montez Coleman & Trumpeter Russell Gunn Return Home to Perform, August 2015

Drummer Montez Coleman and his group featuring trumpeter Russell Gunn return home for a great evening of jazz and an exclusive interview.

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Featuring Jazz Vocalist Feyza Eren & Her Quartet, June 2015

Feyza Eren & her quartet perform many jazz forms, including The American Songbook, Bossa Nova, and Swing. Don Wolff's Jazz Hero award is celebrated.


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Special Archives Edition with Unreleased Performances from 2014 Season, April 2015

The I Love Jazz special archives edition features unreleased performances from Jeremy Davenport, the MazzJazz all-Stars, Miss Jubilee & the Humdingers & more!

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