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Jim Manley, Live at Jimmy’s On The Park, June 2012

This magazine style program based on Don Wolff’s popular jazz radio show, I Love Jazz, showcases his depth of musical knowledge and appreciation of the historical jazz tradition. As a local renowned jazz authority, Don’s insightful interviews reveal his dedication to music education and his personal love of jazz.

This edition of I Love Jazz, hosted from Robbie’s House of Jazz, features an Interview and captured-live performance with Trumpeter Jim Manley. Correspondent Cordell Whitlock explores venues in the area that offer Big Band music, and finds that the musicians and audiences come in all ages. For our “Jazz Gem”, we go back to the 1990s to hear a group consisting of 6 – 12 year old performers – LaRosa’s- America’s Youngest Jazz Band. And, in our Building Blocks of Jazz segment, Phil Dunlap looks at scales and studies the construction of chords on the piano.

Jim Manley, Live at Jimmy’s On The Park, June 2012


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Date: April 18, 2015 Time: 10:00am