Freddy Cole, Stephanie Trick, and “Jazz Travels to Afganistan”, October 2010

This program features the Fabulous Freddy Cole – brother of Nat King Cole and a great jazz performer in his own right, performing with his trio. In our education segment, Building Blocks of Jazz, we take a look at mutes and the role they play expanding the sounds of brass instruments. You’ll meet our “Rising Star of Jazz” – Stephanie Trick. This young woman is taking the demanding style of stride piano to a whole new level. We premiere a new segment, Jazz Gems, rare and one-of-a-kind videos of performances and interviews from Don Wolff’s personal collection. And Jazz St. Louis’ Phil Dunlap takes Jazz to Afghanistan, where you’ll see how this music can forge friendships and bridge cultures.

This magazine style program based on Don Wolff’s popular jazz radio show, I Love Jazz, showcases his depth of musical knowledge and appreciation of the historical jazz tradition. As a local renowned jazz authority, Don’s insightful interviews reveal his dedication to music education and his personal love of jazz.

Freddy Cole, Stephanie Trick, and “Jazz Travels to Afganistan”, October 2010

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