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On Location and the Common Core

At the Ladue School District, students and faculty have a unique opportunity to use technology to tell powerful stories. Our goal in presenting these student and faculty video stories, is to inform, report, and entertain our audience about the amazing things happening in education, our community, and in our global society.

The staff of Ladue View traveled to San Antonio, Texas this month for the JEA/NSPA National Journalism Convention. While on location, we filled the show with exciting stories; from documenting history through student-generated video, to telling the story and inspiration of one man’s fight towards tolerance, to the debut a new student short film. Immediately following Ladue View, will be our district communications program, Ladue Schools Today. A new standardized program for states is on the horizon, known as the Common Core State Standards, which is the topic of this month’s show. Guests include: Mary Hickey and Kathy Anderson, who serve the Ladue School District as Curriculum Coordinating Teachers.

On Location and the Common Core

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Date: April 18, 2015 Time: 10:00am