The Grief Support Breakfast Club, Building Green, Options for St. Louis’ At Risk Youth, and More, April 2013

In this edition of Impact, we introduce you to the Breakfast Club at De Smet Jesuit High School where students reach out to help fellow students who have lost a parent or close loved one. You’ll meet a woman who is dedicating her life to helping inner city students discover new options other than what they may learn on the streets of their neighborhoods. There’s a new house on the block in Webster Groves and it’s like no other. Find out what makes this home so unique and how it will soon become a model for future homes being built across the country. Going green is something we try to achieve in all aspects of our lives, but how about a green burial. It’s the wave of the future for funerals, and we’ll tell you why.

Impact is living up to its name by highlighting people, companies, and organizations making the commitment to find innovative ways to improve the quality of life for others. These are the good news stories from our own community that will focus on those making a difference in someone's life, whether that's in their neighborhood, community or around the world. Tune in, it could have an impact on you!

The Grief Support Breakfast Club, Building Green, Options for St. Louis’ At Risk Youth, and More, April 2013

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