A Paraplegic Surgeon’s Road to Resilience, Helping Students Succeed, and More, January 2013

Let us introduce you to some extraordinary people around our area who are making a difference on the lives of those around them. On this episode you will meet a surgeon who says he’s a better doctor after suffering a debilitating disease that left his paralyzed from the waist down. Find out about a new program designed to break the cycle of homelessness and all the participants have to do is find their true talent. An amazing statistic states that a majority of African American students who head off to college will never get their degree. We found a new school with a new attitude about education hoping to change all that. And one of St. Louis’ best known neighborhoods is going green with a community garden that is all about helping those who need it most.

Impact is living up to its name by highlighting people, companies, and organizations making the commitment to find innovative ways to improve the quality of life for others. These are the good news stories from our own community that will focus on those making a difference in someone's life, whether that's in their neighborhood, community or around the world. Tune in, it could have an impact on you!

A Paraplegic Surgeon’s Road to Resilience, Helping Students Succeed, and More, January 2013

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