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Global Gardening, Governments Go Green, the Arch City Theatre Troupe, and More, October 2011

Impact is living up to its name by highlighting people, companies, and organizations making the commitment to find innovative ways to improve the quality of life for others. These are the good news stories from our own community that will focus on those making a difference in someone's life, whether that's in their neighborhood, community or around the world. Tune in, it could have an impact on you!

Impact hits the air packed full of interesting and ground breaking stories that could impact several aspects of your life. Everyone’s doing their part to go “Green” and St. Louis County government is no exception. We look at all the things being done to help out the environment and possibly save you tax dollars down the road. We also discover a unknown organization right here in St. Louis taking on the enormous task of saving thousands of plants that keep you healthy from being wiped off the earth. And we’ve all heard about the health benefits of red wine, but what about white wine drinkers? Get ready to celebrate! A scientist and a businessman from our area may have the solution to a healthier white wine. Plus, a local organization is making huge strides in helping the visually impaired after more than a century of service. And finally, a group of young kids who are literally running the show. See how the Arch City Theater Troupe is using their talents to help stamp out a childhood illness.

Global Gardening, Governments Go Green, the Arch City Theatre Troupe, and More, October 2011

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