21st Century Magnatone: Magnatone Guitar Amplifiers are Making a Comeback

An innovation that once made a splash in the music scene is making a comeback. Magnatone guitar amplifiers- featuring the iconic pitch-shifting vibrato effect- are back. More than 40 years after the original company in Los Angeles folded, a St. Louis startup bought the legendary Magnatone name, releasing a new line of six different Magnatone models. Magnatone engineers are using the patented vibrato circuit from 1958 as their design platform, bringing back the original pitch-shifting vibrato effect and making improvements for modern amp designs. Some musicians are calling it a ‘rockin’ resurrection’.

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21st Century Magnatone: Magnatone Guitar Amplifiers are Making a Comeback

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Key to Muscle Regeneration Discovered at Saint Louis University

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The Healing Power of Green Tea

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Personalized 3D Brain Maps to Guide Neurosurgeries

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Date: April 18, 2015 Time: 10:00am