Conversation Medicine, Robotics Retrospective, and More, April 2012

Reporter Angie Weidinger finds a St. Louis company with a product that’s challenging the leading cause of blindness in adults over 50, and it comes in a small, all natural vitamin. We look at Conservation Medicine which examines the complex balance between human health, animal health and environmental conditions. It’s been called “the varsity sport for the mind” and it’s here in St. Louis. We show tomorrow’s innovators today and revisit the FIRST Robotics World Finals, brainchild of exceptional innovator Dean Kamen.

This series explores the latest science and technology news in the St. Louis area.

Conversation Medicine, Robotics Retrospective, and More, April 2012

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Babyation Startup: Building a New Breast Pump for Modern Moms

For new moms discouraged by breast pumps, the founders of St. Louis-based Babyation say they are modernizing breast pumps for today's moms.

Recent Segment | Innovations

Bomb Sniffing Cyborg Locusts: Washington University Researchers Create Biorobotic Smelling Machines

A team of Washington University researchers is working to turn locusts into biobots that can sniff out explosives.

Recent Segment | Innovations

PluggedIN St. Louis: Matchmaking Platform for Startup Companies & Job Seekers

They help startups develop their hiring strategy & process and provide career coaching services to job seekers who want to work at a startup company.

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Route 66 Solar Panels, Local Fight Against Zika & Fighting Obesity, August 2016

Route 66 in Missouri is getting ready for Solar Roadways. Find out about innovative travel, ice cream and weight loss!


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Xbox Technology for X-Rays, Real-Time Systems & Touch Screens, July 2016

Using Microsoft’s Kinect, researchers found a way to use its motion detection software to create their own X-Ray technology.

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