Community Sunscreen Dispensers Provide Sun Protection and Awareness (Arch Grants)

A St. Louis father’s experience on a family day out, without sun protection, led to the creation of SUNSTATION USA. Ross Donaldson is promoting sunscreen dispensers. He says SUNSTATION USA is your community’s solution to preventing sunburns and skin cancer. Donaldson says busy parents would no longer need to worry about the consequences of forgetting sunscreen. SUNSTATION USA is described by the company as a weather resistant, touch-free, sunscreen dispenser, that provides quality, eco-friendly, all-natural SPF 30 broad spectrum sunscreen.

This series explores the latest science and technology news in the St. Louis area.

Community Sunscreen Dispensers Provide Sun Protection and Awareness (Arch Grants)


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The World's Largest 3D Printed Object for 777X Airplane at Boeing

The 777X wing trim and drill tool is now the world’s “largest solid 3-D printed item,” certified by Guinness World Records

Recent Segment | Innovations

Video Game Technology Helping Physical Therapy Patients & Athletes at Mizzou Lab

Mizzou researchers are using the depth camera associated with video game systems to help physical therapy patients and athletes.

Recent Segment | Innovations

New Software for Drug Companies to Make Drugs Cheaper, Faster and Better

New software will provide pharmaceutical companies the ability to develop drugs cheaper, faster and better by improving calculations of drug-target binding.

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Scopio Finds Images on Social Media, Letting Users Get Paid for Their Photos

A company with roots in St.Louis is finding ways to sift through social media to find marketable photos. From there, they put brands and photographers together.


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Recent Segment | Innovations

New Method of Protection Against Pneumococcal Pneumonia

VaxNewMo has engineered E. coli to manufacture pneumococcal conjugate vaccines.

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