E. Coli Used to Create Gasoline

Scientists at Washington University use a strain of the E. coli bacteria to create a promising biodiesel fuel. Now researchers in Dr. Fuzhong Zhang’s lab are trying to use E. coli to create gasoline.

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E. Coli Used to Create Gasoline

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Celebrity Deaths Create Awareness about Aortic Dissection & Treatment at Mercy Hospital St. Louis

Aortic dissection is often undetected and undiagnosed, resulting in death. Mercy Vascular Surgeon Dr. Vito Mantese explains a new lifesaving treatment.

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SafeTrek Mobile App: Smart Way to Alert Police When You're in Danger

SafeTrek is a mobile app for personal safety and security. Just open the app and have it ready! If you feel unsafe, keep a finger on “hold until safe” button.

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New Virtual Geology Lab Transforms Education Using HoloLens

Washington University's Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences opens the Virtual Geology Lab.

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Danforth Center's Maker Movement: Plants, Robots & High Altitude Balloons

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App-Connected Device 'Wing' Designed to Prevent Asthma Attacks

Sparo Labs designed a new way for asthma sufferers to better manage asthma with a pocket-sized spirometer that connects with an app on your smartphone.

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Date: April 18, 2015 Time: 10:00am