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Future of Drone Technology

This series explores and examines questions about science and all things related that occur in and around St. Louis.

Washington University professors explore the future of unmanned aerial vehicles, UAVs, commonly referred to as drones. Two Washington University research laboratories are experimenting with drones, attempting to improve the technology and find new applications for use of UAVs in society.

Future of Drone Technology

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New Technology for Predicting Injuries

A Washington University graduate student develops new technology that may one day pinpoint minor strains and tiny injuries in the body's tissues, predicting a more serious injury before it occurs. The same technology may also be developed to predict failures in buildings and bridges.

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Predicting Turbulence: Future of Aircraft & Engine Designs

Washington University is leading research to improve computational models for predicting turbulence in aircraft flow fields. The models would be used to optimize aircraft and engine designs, creating environmentally responsible aircraft.

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PARC: Photosynthetic Antenna Research Center

PARC, Washington University’s Photosynthetic Antenna Research Center's goal is to understand the basic scientific principles that govern solar energy.

Let’s talk about… Water Availability and its Impact on Global Agriculture April 2013

Freshwater resources are threatened by climate change, urbanization, population growth, pollution and other drivers of change. How can we address this concern?

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