Future of Drone Technology

Washington University professors explore the future of unmanned aerial vehicles, UAVs, commonly referred to as drones. Two Washington University research laboratories are experimenting with drones, attempting to improve the technology and find new applications for use of UAVs in society.

This series explores and examines questions about science and all things related that occur in and around St. Louis.

Future of Drone Technology

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Investigating Explosions, Mars, Solar Roads & Medical Marvels, April 2016

The April edition covers seismic sleuthing, research into liquid water on Mars, solar roads, smart heart monitoring and new Alzheimer's research.

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I-70, Energy and Environmental Trailblazers, March 2016

Roll call! Futuristic highway, hydrogen fuel cell technology, superior batteries for electronics, and a unique program in environmental sustainability.

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Made in St. Louis: Exciting New Technology, February 2016

St. Louis innovators are creating new technologies with global appeal!

Recent Episode | Innovations

New Technology: Inside the NFL, On the Run, Close to the Heart.

New technology and modern medicine are advancing the athlete's safety and performance, as well as improving patient care.


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Recent Episode | Innovations

Innovations Revolutionizing the Craft Beer Industry and Patient Care, December 2015

Innovations' Kathleen Berger introduces you to St. Louis inventors and inventions making a difference in 2015.

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