Geneoscopy Offers New Colorectal Cancer Screening Option

A St. Louis-based startup company hopes to spare many people the discomfort of colonoscopies. Geneoscopy developed a noninvasive alternative using a method to isolate and preserve biomarkers for colorectal cancer in stool samples. Geneoscopy claims its screening tool is more reliable than other noninvasive options, improving accuracy of testing and reducing costs. The company claims the new screening method can accurately detect colorectal cancer.

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Geneoscopy Offers New Colorectal Cancer Screening Option

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Community Sunscreen Dispensers Provide Sun Protection and Awareness

St. Louis startup says community sunscreen dispensers promote the fight against skin cancer.

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The PUCK Smart Remote Controls Devices Using Smartphones

The creator of PUCK says you can toss your remotes with his patented wireless bluetooth low-energy to infrared bridge.

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Exercise in a Pill May One Day Help with Obesity and Diabetes

Saint Louis University scientists are developing 'exercise in a pill'.

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clEAR Games for Hearing Impaired Engage Ears for Auditory Brain Training

They aren't building hearing aids, clEAR is trying to develop a better brain. The company has developed computer games to help the hearing impaired.


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Benefits of a Protein-Packed Breakfast Fuels Ideas for Start Right Foods

The power of protein for breakfast inspires St. Louis startup, Start Right Foods.

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