MoDOT Recruits Solar Roadways

What if roads could produce electricity, never develop potholes and wouldn’t ice over? The founders of Solar Roadways claim their innovation can do all this and more! MoDOT’s Road To Tomorrow Initiative has been interested in Solar Roadways for some time. They invited Co-Founder Scott Brusaw to help with solar testing that will determine if these panels are right for Missouri.

Forensic Seismology: Find out how records from seismometers distinguish types of explosives and nuclear tests. Can real-time seismology prevent loss of life and property in a combat zone or civilian terrorist attack? Liquid Water on Mars: Washington University's Dr. Raymond Arvidson discusses his involvement after the discovery. Solar Roadways: What if the roads we drive on could produce electricity? Find out why MoDOT is interested in this innovation for I-70. The April edition of Innovations also spotlights medical marvels in St. Louis!

MoDOT Recruits Solar Roadways

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New Virtual Geology Lab Transforms Education Using HoloLens

Washington University's Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences opens the Virtual Geology Lab.

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Danforth Center's Maker Movement: Plants, Robots & High Altitude Balloons

A Danforth Plant Science researcher uses his Maker Group skills to fly Raspberry Pi computer-equipped high altitude balloons as a hobby and a teaching tool.

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App-Connected Device 'Wing' Designed to Prevent Asthma Attacks

Sparo Labs designed a new way for asthma sufferers to better manage asthma with a pocket-sized spirometer that connects with an app on your smartphone.

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NASA's Use of HoloLens Puts St. Louis Scientist on Mars with Curiosity Rover

When Raymond E. Arvidson, PhD, is walking the halls of Washington University wearing Microsoft HoloLens, then he's millions of miles away walking on Mars!


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Kirkwood Schools Among First to Use CrisisGo App for Security & Mobile Emergency Communications

The Kirkwood School District is one of the first to sign up for St. Louis-based CrisisGo, helping to grow the mobile emergency communications technology.

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