Helping Babies Breathe, A Tiny Missouri Miracle, and More, July 2012

We take a look at an act that most of us take for granted, breathing. Dr. William Keenan, of Cardinal Glennon Hospital in St. Louis, has pioneered a program that has literarily breathed life into thousands of babies in the United States and across the world. Also Kara Savio bring us a story of the Nova Lung and a tiny Missouri miracle as doctors work to save a child’s life with the first use of a small artificial lung. Finally,there is a new medicine on the market this is significantly improving the lives of CF patients.

This series explores the latest science and technology news in the St. Louis area.

Helping Babies Breathe, A Tiny Missouri Miracle, and More, July 2012

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Boeing Drone Test Lab

Boeing has a new facility in St. Charles, Missouri to test autonomous air, land and sea vehicles, better known as drones.

Recent Segment | Innovations

Benefits of Fidgeting: Toe-Tapping to Better Health

A fidgeting study at the University of Missouri shows that fidgeting helps prevent arterial dysfunction caused by hours of sitting.

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Pluto's Frozen Heart May Hide Underground Ocean

Data from NASA's New Horizons indicates Pluto's icy heart is hiding an ocean. Washington University's Dr. Bill McKinnon is part of the mission's science team.

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Mindset App

DataDog Health has developed an app designed to let the user know when they’re feeling stress and help them manage it.


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Recent Segment | Innovations

MoDOT Seeks Smart Highways with Pilot Sites for Smart Pavement & Internet of Things

MoDOT is establishing pilot projects for smart highway proposals, and a Kansas City-based smart pavement company is making itself known to MoDOT.

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