St. Louis’ Role in Boeing’s CST-100, America’s Next Spacecraft

NASA awarded Boeing $4.2 billion to build and fly the United States’ next passenger spacecraft. Boeing is building the CST-100 for NASA, but it hopes to one day take commercial passengers and other governments to space. A division of Boeing in St. Louis is developing the technology and design for the CST-100 simulator for astronaut training. (Photo courtesy of Boeing)

This series explores the latest science and technology news in the St. Louis area.

St. Louis’ Role in Boeing’s CST-100, America’s Next Spacecraft

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SMART Cells: Stem Cells Edited to Fight Arthritis

Researchers rewire stem cells' genetic circuits to autonomously produce a biologic drug when the cells encounter inflammation from arthritis.

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Veterinary Motion Analysis Lab Hopes to Improve Orthopedic Treatments for Pets and People

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All About Science: Entrepreneur Creates Genius Games

Genius Games is a series of card and board games that teach players about atoms, ionic bonds and cell biology and structure.


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New Weight-Loss Stomach Pump Device Rids Body of Food Before Digestion

Meet one aspiration therapy patient who is losing weight. He once weighed over 400 pounds.

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