A Work of Kart

Come with Aaron Mermelstein and It’s A St. Louis Thing to visit Keith Frabar at Go-Kart manufacturer Margay Racing. Margay Racing has been building Go- Karts in South City for three generations. Hear the roar of the engines as the Go Karts race around the track and share the excitement with Margay Racing as their go Karts cross the finish line. The Margay go-karts are indeed a work of kart.

Watch as Aaron Mermelstein brings his unique take on all things St. Louis to HEC-TV through his report on the WF&P Railroad; Cork Ball; Pirate Fest; Kirkwood painters; horseshoes; miniature horses; and much more to come.

A Work of Kart

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Date: April 18, 2015 Time: 10:00am