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A Visit with Author Lisa See

Maryville Talks Books features interviews by noted authors.

Lisa See vividly illustrates the true spirit of motherhood and love of country as she discusses her latest novels, “Shanghai Girls” and the sequel, “Dreams of Joy.” She offers viewers an insightful look at how she intertwines the historical complexities of the time with personal relationships.

A Visit with Author Lisa See

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Jackie and Me: Issues and Themes

Dan Gutman's novel Jackie and Me continues to be read and loved by thousands each year. In this program students had the opportunity to participate in a national videoconference book club discussion of issues and themes.

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Inside the Artist's Studio: An Author's Workshop with Ridley Pearson 1pm

Be part of an interactive writer's workshop with Ridley Pearson, award winning author of the Kingdom Keepers series, Peter and the Starcatchers, and many other books for young readers. 1pm This program was partially funded by the Missouri Arts Council.

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Peabody Opera House & More, March 2012

Backstage at the newly renovated Peabody Opera House with host Paul Schankman, St. Louis Symphony, Ron Himes of the Black Rep and more State of the Arts

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Constitution Day: Powers of the President

Join our panel of Presidential scholars and advisors for a vibrant and insightful discussion on the history and execution of Presidential powers exploring how and why Presidents make decisions, the application of and implications on the Constitution from those decisions, and the far ranging impacts of those decisions. This event will be aired live from the Ulysses S. National Historic Site, where the 18th President lived and met his wife, Julia.

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