It’s Not a Square Dance: It’s a Contra Dance!

Contra dancing: It has nothing to do with Iran, Nicaragua, or trading arms for hostages. It’s just good old fashioned, really, really old fashioned, country dancing. St. Louisans have been doing since the 1970s. The world has been doing it since the 1600s. Paul Schankman takes us to the weekly Contra Dance is Webster Groves to see what all the stomping is about!

Paul Schankman uses his three decades of award-winning reporting experience in St. Louis to ferret out stories you won’t see anywhere else, celebrating the spirit of our city, its unique personalities and culture, all told in his distinctive style.

It’s Not a Square Dance: It’s a Contra Dance!

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It's Not a Square Dance: It's a Contra Dance!

Contra Dancing: It's a little like square dancing and a little like line dancing. Paul Schankman shows us where you can do it every weekend in St. Louis.

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Concrete Thinking: The House of the Future?

Students from Washington University in St. Louis are building a prototype all-concrete house for the Solar Decathlon competition in Denver. But why concrete?

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Doctor by Day, Cabaret Singer by Night

Paul Schankman meets the St. Louis pediatrician who charms kids by day and audiences by night with his cabaret performance titled, "The Medicine Show."

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"What Is Your Hope?"

At the beginning of the year, one Parkway school asked students and teachers to write down their hopes for the year. Now, we find out if their hopes came true.

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Date: April 18, 2015 Time: 10:00am