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State of the Arts at World Chess Hall of Fame, January 2014

State of the Arts is St. Louis’s only program devoted to the region’s vibrant arts community, taking audiences behind the scenes to meet the artists, writers, and performers who call St. Louis home.

State of the Arts is HEC-TV’s Emmy award winning program about the Midwest’s best arts and artists. From dance to jazz to blues to sculpture to painting, SOTA takes you behind the scenes and into the studios of working artists in America’s heartland. This episode takes you to a museum devoted to all things chess, the World Chess Hall of Fame.

State of the Arts at World Chess Hall of Fame, January 2014

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September 2012

A special episode of State of the Arts takes you backstage and behind the scenes as hundreds of regional artists prepare for the third annual American Arts-St. Louis Festival. Our cameras follow choreographers, artists, curators, and musicians as they create work sure to delight crowds during 17 days of nonstop art from October 5-21. HEC-TV is proud to be a major media partner of the American Arts Experience-St. Louis Festival.

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Peabody Opera House & More, March 2012

Backstage at the newly renovated Peabody Opera House with host Paul Schankman, St. Louis Symphony, Ron Himes of the Black Rep and more State of the Arts

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Constitution Day: Powers of the President

Join our panel of Presidential scholars and advisors for a vibrant and insightful discussion on the history and execution of Presidential powers exploring how and why Presidents make decisions, the application of and implications on the Constitution from those decisions, and the far ranging impacts of those decisions. This event will be aired live from the Ulysses S. National Historic Site, where the 18th President lived and met his wife, Julia.

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January 2008

This edition of State of the Arts comes from the Fabulous Fox Theatre.

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