Operatic High Notes on the Hill, and Filmmakers with a Focus, May 2012

Find out about the latest happenings in the St. Louis arts scene in this episode of State of the Arts. We go behind the scenes at Craft Alliance, a place where you can be part of the art. Don’t miss our interview with new Muny Executive producer Mike Isaacson, who brings a Broadway perspective to the St. Louis’ summer outdoor theater. Right now a writer somewhere is working on the next great American play. Here in St. Louis, the St. Louis Writers Group provides staged readings by actors of new plays–so playwrights can see their words come to life. Also hear unique performance at the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts helps to build employment and life skills among former homeless veterans and former prisoners.

State of the Arts is St. Louis’ only program devoted to the region’s vibrant arts community, taking audiences behind the scenes to meet the artists, writers, and performers who call St. Louis home.

Operatic High Notes on the Hill, and Filmmakers with a Focus, May 2012

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Fugue: Local film written and directed by 15 year old director, Gabe Sheets

Go behind the scenes of upcoming short film, Fugue: the action-packed story of one man's frantic search for truth after he suffers sudden memory loss.

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State of the Arts at the Muny

State of the Arts celebrates the Muny's 100th in a show with an eclectic lineup featuring Bret Michaels, Jeanne Trevor and spiritual art by Buddhist monks.

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Jeanne Trevor-Jazz Singer

Jeanne Trevor's called "St. Louis' First Lady of Jazz." A veteran of the once vibrant Gaslight Square in Midtown during the 1960's, Trevor's still performing.

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Buddhist Sand Mandala

A World Peace Sand Mandala was created by Buddhist monks over three days at Webster University.


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Heart Quartet Spreads Healthy Message Note by Note

Juilliard graduate and local cardiac surgeon teams up with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra to spread heart-healthy message to audiences around St. Louis.

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