Operatic High Notes on the Hill, and Filmmakers with a Focus, May 2012

Find out about the latest happenings in the St. Louis arts scene in this episode of State of the Arts. We go behind the scenes at Craft Alliance, a place where you can be part of the art. Don’t miss our interview with new Muny Executive producer Mike Isaacson, who brings a Broadway perspective to the St. Louis’ summer outdoor theater. Right now a writer somewhere is working on the next great American play. Here in St. Louis, the St. Louis Writers Group provides staged readings by actors of new plays–so playwrights can see their words come to life. Also hear unique performance at the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts helps to build employment and life skills among former homeless veterans and former prisoners.

State of the Arts is St. Louis’ only program devoted to the region’s vibrant arts community, taking audiences behind the scenes to meet the artists, writers, and performers who call St. Louis home.

Operatic High Notes on the Hill, and Filmmakers with a Focus, May 2012

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Unfolding Big Issues with Tesseract Theatre

Tesseract Theatre is not part of Marvel Comics, it is an artistic home to and ensemble of Saint Louis talent, with a mission to tackle big ideas in a small way.

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Quinton Ward 2018 Katherine Dunham Fellow

Webster Senior, Quinton Ward, is the St. Louis Arts and Education Council's 2018 Katherine Dunham Fellowship recipient.

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Moving St. Louis Fashion Forward

The Brandin Vaughn Collection is a south St. Louis boutique where you can walk in and see the designer at work. He says the art of fashion is re-emerging here.

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Behind the Scenes of New Dance Horizons VI

Dance St. Louis' New Dance Horizons VI pairs world famous choreographers with local companies to make all new original performances.


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St. Louis Artists Splashed Onto Trading Cards

St. Louis' best artists on trading cards? That's the project taken on by at St. Louis photographer feeding on his childhood love of baseball cards.

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