The “Cassius Project”

Meet the Playwright—A Conversation with Idris Goodwin

Meet Idris Goodwin, author of “And In This Corner….Cassius Clay.”

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The “Cassius Project” is an initiative created by Metro Theater Company surrounding its 2016 production of “And In This Corner…Cassius Clay.” HEC-TV is proud and honored to be a collaborative partner in this endeavor through the production of a series of videos and related educational materials. Originally developed to “offer a series of community programs, wrap-around tools and resources related to the production to educate audiences and then engage and empower them to find ways to get personally involved in making St. Louis a stronger community,” these videos and materials are designed to take the project to an even wider audience of students, educators, theater lovers, and community change agents across the country.

Through the story of young Cassius Clay growing up in Louisville, Kentucky, playwright Idris Goodwin explores powerful and compelling issues and themes and invites us to participate in important conversations about bullying, identity, racism, community, and the capacity for empowerment and difference making in all of us. Videos and educational materials in the project are designed for students and teachers in grades 5 through 12 to be used for cross-curricular exploration and building wide conversation as well as within the specific curriculum areas of Language Arts, Theater/Drama, Social Studies/History, and Character Education.

Video resources include a conversation with playwright Idris Goodwin, a conversation with the director and cast of Metro Theater Company’s production, an interview on fight choreography used in the production, three scenes from the play, and student and teacher responses to the play.  For a complete listing of videos included in the project, please click on “View All” under “Episodes on the right-hand side of the screen.  For additional materials related to each video, please click on the “Educational Material” tab.

Find additional resources related to each of the videos included in “The Cassius Project” here.

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Scene 3—Eddie and Cassius Go To a Whites Only Diner

Eddie and Cassius go to a whites only diner.

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