The Little Drummer Girl and Redemption

Two civil war-era films, "The Little Drummer Girl" and "Redemption." The former, the story of a man and his daughter who join the war; she's disguised as a boy. The later, a post-war story of …

Preview of the 2017 St. Louis International Film Festival

Chris Clark, artistic director of Cinema St. Louis offers a preview of the 26th Whitaker St. Louis International Film Festival.

“Richie and the Styles” and “He Who Listens With Music”

"Richie" is the story of a St. Louis jazz musician torn between potential commercial success and the integrity of his music. "He" is the story of a street person - a Muslim - and how …

The Best of the 48 Hour Film Project 2017

Four varied short films from the 48 Hour Film Project. The films are "Romance isn't Dead," "The Specialist," "Cut" and "Lone Wolves."

500: The Impact of the Reformation Today

This doc traces the history of the Protestant Reformation led by Martin Luther from 500 years ago up to the present time. It shows the effects on politics, family life, theology and the role of …

4:00AM and Talk Radio

Two films about radio. Nathan Karimi's "4:00AM" is an homage to War of the Worlds. A group of small-market FM radio guys broadcast a hoax alien invasion with an unforeseeen - and horrible outcome. Jay …

The Ultimate Fan

From director Nicholas Rousseau, "The Ultimate Fan," the story of an obsessed St. Louis Blues' hockey fan.

The Dark Knight Returns

A fan film by director Wyatt Weed.

The Will

Sandro Perrino's film, "The Will," is the story of Leon, a young boxer engaged in a struggle between reason and emotion as he tries to make love work.

A Preview of the 25th Whitaker St. Louis International Film Festival

An inside look at the festival with Chris Clark of Cinema St. Louis.

The Whitaker St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase

The 16th Annual Whitaker St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase runs from July 17 - 21 at the Tivoli theater and features local artists. Chris Grega, the director of “35 Days,” speaks about the festival, along with …

5 films from the 48 Hour Film Project, August 2016

Five short films from the recent St. Louis 48 Hour Film Project include a dark comedy, slapstick, "fish out of water" an animal film and a science fiction film. All were created, shot and edited …

Fatal Call

Fatal Call is a high-energy suspense film, full of action, twists and turns and first-rate performances, shot in St. Louis and Sauget, Illinois.

Comedy Shorts

Five comedy shorts about: a bounce-back millenial, internet dating, an action cop sent to the future and the cult that's grown up around him, and a film noir spoof.

The Swallows’ Tale and Shakedown

"Shakedown"tells the story of a combined federal/state raid on a Missouri music festival - "Schwagstock" in Dent County. "Swallows' Tale: The Story of Ozark Airlines" traces the rise - and fall of the regional carrier.

Preview of St. Louis International Film Festival

Chris Clark, of Cinema St. Louis, offers previews of 15 films from the 447 to be screened at the 24th Whitaker St. Louis International Film Festival.


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