HEC-TV provides an all-inclusive St. Louis calendar in order to promote our mission of “strengthening the education, arts, and cultural communities in the St. Louis metropolitan area.” It includes art openings, live music, educational events, and more.

If your non-profit venue, educational institution, or jazz group would like to be included on the HEC-TV events calendar – contact John Baker at for jazz or for all other events.

June 2018
  • 1st Friday
  • 2nd Saturday
  • 3rd Sunday
  • 4th Monday
  • 5th Tuesday
  • 6th Wednesday
  • 7th Thursday
  • 8th Friday
  • 9th Saturday
  • 10th Sunday
  • 11th Monday
  • 12th Tuesday
  • 13th Wednesday
  • 14th Thursday
  • 15th Friday
  • 16th Saturday
  • 17th Sunday
  • 18th Monday
  • 19th Tuesday
  • 20th Wednesday
  • 21st Thursday
  • 22nd Friday
  • 23rd Saturday
  • 24th Sunday
  • 25th Monday
  • 26th Tuesday
  • 27th Wednesday
  • 28th Thursday
  • 29th Friday
  • 30th Saturday
  • Sorry No Events Found.

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