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Two on the Aisle

Reviews of The Tempest, As You Like It, Fools, et al., May 14, 2015

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Maryville Talks Books

Telling a Forgotten Story: One on One with Blaine Harden

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Facial Recognition Technology

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State of the Arts

The Luminary, April 2015

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Metro Theater hosts St. Louis' first ever family-friendly gala at the Pageant

A PLAYful Celebration: THE MONSTER RUMPUS was a night of unexpected encounters and activities at The Pageant.

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St. Louis Theater Circle Awards - 2015

2015 St. Louis Theater Circle Awards Trailer: See local actors and actresses on stage unscripted.

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STL Student Summit on Race 2015

Hear what students have learned and what they want to share in the STL Student Summit on Race 2015 presented by EducationPlus.

Ron Stevens and Joy Grdnic

Meet a couple who has done it all: Radio in New York City, screenwriting in L.A., launching businesses and restaurants...while staying married for decades.

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Monday May 25th

  • 6:00pm America's National Monuments: Prehistoric Native Americans
  • 7:00pm Innovations: Future of Space Travel
  • 8:00pm Man Made Marvels of Asia: Okinawa Aquarium
  • 9:00pm Land of the Dragon: Chinese Kung Fu
  • 9:30pm Indique: Episode 201
  • 10:00pm Made in Taiwan: Made in Taiwan

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60th Anniversary Year of the Brown Decision Symposium, Part 1

Brown vs. Board of Education and its Implications for St. Louis.

Recent Episode | State of the Arts

The Luminary, April 2015

Art and its connection to social justice in communities like Ferguson is a theme in State of the Arts: The Luminary.

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May 2015

This issue of HEC-TV's Complete 2015 Summer Guide includes festivals, concert series, volunteer opportunities, and kids camps!

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