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Heroin Awareness, It Takes a Village and Educational Table Games, August 2015

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Two on the Aisle

Ron Himes Interview and Reviews of Spellbound and Oklahoma!, Aug. 20, 2015

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I Love Jazz

Drummer Montez Coleman & Trumpeter Russell Gunn Return Home to Perform

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St. Louis Theater Guide

The Future of Security, Transportation, Food and Modern Medicine, August 2015

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State of the Arts

Pulitzer Arts Renovation

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Maryville Talks Books

Candid, Personal and Hilarious: One on One with Judy Blume

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Featured | Frames

Spotlight Series of Short Documentaries

Six unconventional "artists" are featured on the job; jobs they are passionate about, from a baker to a welder, a sign painter to a woodworker.

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History in the First Person: Veterans Day 2015—Vietnam

Take your study of America in war to the veterans who fought in them.

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Explore! Maps

For this episode of Explore! we investigate maps and map making and ask the big picture question, “How can maps help us solve problems?”

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Explore! Economics

How do businesses get started? Where do the ideas for new products and services come from?

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Harris-Stowe State University Presidential Inauguration

Dr. Dwaun Warmack becomes the 19th president in Harris-Stowe State University's history. Warmack is one of the youngest presidents in the United States.

Recent Episode | Innovations

The Future of Security, Transportation, Food and Modern Medicine, August 2015

This edition of Innovations is loaded with new technology from facial recognition software to a camera that shoots 100 billion frames per second!

2015 Theater Guide

St. Louis' first comprehensive theater guide with a helpful map charting venues and theater companies, as well as information on the St. Louis theater scene, and much more!

August 2015

Join HEC-TV and our premiere K-12 local education program, Behind the Minds, for back-to-school stories and teacher resources in the Metro area.

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August 27
We're looking forward to the Conversation about Bees: Understanding the Roots of Social Life tonight!

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Date: April 18, 2015 Time: 10:00am