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Two on the Aisle

Reviews of, Hairspray, Emmeline, My Fair Lady, and Others: June 25, 2015

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Behind the Minds

Student Innovation

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Spanning the Globe with Soybean Research

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Extraordinary People Making a Difference Around the World

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I Love Jazz

Featuring Jazz Vocalist Feyza Eren & Her Quartet

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Featured | Frames

Four short films from Webster U. filmmakers, June 2015

Four short films from Webster University film students.

Recent Episode | Behind the Minds

Student Innovation, June 2015

Be impressed by some young entrepreneurs, a tutoring program making a big difference, and student ideas on race relations in our community.

Recent Episode | Innovations

Spanning the Globe with Soybean Research

They may be half a world away, but researchers in Missouri and Australia are teaming up to hopefully make an agricultural breakthrough.

Eight men from Diverse Backgrounds Create the One Sound of Vocal Edge

Eight talented a cappella male singers create the one harmonious sound known as Vocal Edge taking the Blueberry Hill stage singing pop, doo wop and jazz.

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Friday July 3rd

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Does poetry still matter?

By Brandon Griggs CNN (CNN) -- Quick: Name a famous living poet. Somebody. Anybody. No, not Maya Angelou. She died last year. Unless …

Recent Episode | Impact

Hand Delivering Hope: Be The Change Volunteers

The life saving work by Be The Change Volunteers is profiled & includes footage & sills from Rwanda, Cambodia, Malawi, PGN, Peru, India & Guatemala.

Recent Episode | Impact

Every Experience Matters!

Instructors at the Leadership Development Academy provide more than just martial arts training at their gym in Olivette.

Brain Works: Your Mind on Life by Doctors Eric Leuthardt & Albert Kim

The play "Brain Works: Your Mind on Life" visually explains what happens inside your head during major life events.

July 2015

St. Louis' first comprehensive theater guide with a helpful map charting venues and theater companies, as well as information on the St. Louis theater scene, and much more!

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