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Murder? and Trinity

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Two on the Aisle

Reviews of Seminar, The World Begun, Venus in Fur, and others, Oct. 1, 2015

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St. Louis is a Hub for Innovations-Startup Dreams to Medical Marvels

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Behind the Minds

Building a Better Future - Education Programs & Initiatives Across STL

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Heroin Awareness, It Takes a Village and Educational Table Games, August 2015

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I Love Jazz

Drummer Montez Coleman & Trumpeter Russell Gunn Return Home to Perform

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St. Louis Theater Guide
Featured | State of the Arts

Contemporary Art Museum Fall Opening

The Contemporary Art Museum (CAM) in St. Louis presents the opening of a new fall exhibition season that runs Sept. 11 though Dec. 27.

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Program 12: Political Obstacles to High Speed Rail

Kenneth Warren, Saint Louis University Department of Political Science

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Program 11: Competing Sites of Authority

Peter Salsich, Saint Louis University School of Law

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Program 10: Private Regulation of Land Use

Yvette Liebesman, Saint Louis University School of Law

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Friday October 9th

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Supermoon eclipse wows viewers

Many earthlings were treated to a rare sight last night, as a "supermoon" coincided with a lunar eclipse. It was …

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Program 9: Shared Rail Corridors

Rapik Saat, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the National University Rail Center

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Program 8: Light Rail

Mark Vogl, HOK International

2015 Theater Guide

St. Louis' first comprehensive theater guide with a helpful map charting venues and theater companies, as well as information on the St. Louis theater scene, and much more!

October 2015

HEC-TV celebrates the arts in St. Louis with our award-winning local series, State of the Arts, from producer Kathy Bratkowski.

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October 8
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